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Early Pregnancy Clinic

Robina/Burleigh Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic

Phone: (07) 5669 1120

At our Robina/Burleigh Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic, we offer comprehensive services to support women during the early stages of pregnancy. Our dedicated team provides expert care and guidance to address various concerns and ensure optimal outcomes for you and your baby.

Services Offered Include:

  1. Preconceptual Counselling: Tailored counselling sessions are available for women who have experienced previous miscarriages or have high-risk maternal conditions. We provide support and information to help you navigate your pregnancy journey with confidence.

  2. Anti-D Administration: Rh-negative women receive Anti-D injections as indicated to prevent Rh sensitization during pregnancy.

  3. Early Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan: Our clinic offers early pregnancy ultrasound scans, including dating, viability, and location assessment to exclude ectopic pregnancy.

  4. Follow-Up Monitoring: We offer follow-up monitoring of serial B-hCG and serum progesterone levels to track pregnancy progression and ensure optimal health.

  5. Diagnosis and Management: Our team is experienced in diagnosing and managing various early pregnancy complications, including pregnancy of unknown location, cornual ectopic pregnancy, and cesarean section scar ectopic pregnancy.

  6. Miscarriage Support: Counselling and support services are available for women experiencing miscarriage. Our compassionate team provides guidance and assistance throughout this challenging time.

  7. Urgent Appointments: For women requiring urgent care due to miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, we offer immediate appointments and arrange surgical treatments such as Suction D&C or Laparoscopy management as indicated.

Ultrasound Assessment of Early Pregnancy

Our clinic provides ultrasound assessments to monitor the progression of early pregnancy. We offer comprehensive monitoring for various diagnoses, including viable pregnancy, missed miscarriage, anembryonic pregnancy, incomplete miscarriage, complete miscarriage, and biochemical pregnancy.

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