Women Wellness Packages

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Women Wellness Packages

When was the last time you had an annual health screening? A simple annual health screening by an experienced gynecologist can make a significant difference. Unfortunately, women’s health checkups are often overlooked. Don’t wait until symptoms arise to see your GP. Regular women’s health screenings are vital.


Early detection through a simple screening may identify gynecological conditions such as precancerous cervical changes or breast cancer before they progress further. We offer various health screening packages tailored to different lifestyles and needs.


Dr. Wong emphasizes the importance of women taking ownership of their health. Regular health checks at different life stages help identify issues early. With an abundance of health information available, it’s challenging to ensure you’re doing everything to stay healthy. Dr. Wong can assist in identifying potential issues and provide personalized checkups to understand your current health and future concerns.


An annual medical checkup provides insight into your body’s status and opportunities for improving your health journey, especially for women who require regular checks in specific areas.

Women's Wellness Packages Include:

Medical Assessment

  • Pre-Health Screening Questionnaire
  • Medical History & Risk Profile Screening
  • Doctor’s Consultation
  • Physical Examination
  • Height & Weight Measurement
  • Body Mass Index Calculation
  • Blood Pressure Reading


  • Blood tests
  • Cervical screening test
  • Resting ECG
  • Chest X-ray (risk dependent)
  • Bone densitometry (for menopausal or prolonged depo-provera use)

Evaluation & Report

  • Post Examination Review & Recommendations
  • Medical Report
  • Health & Lifestyle Counseling

Blood Investigations

  • Hematology Profile
  • Hepatitis Profile
  • Cancer Marker
  • Diabetic Panel
  • Thyroid Profile
  • STD Screen
  • Lipid/Cardiac Risk Profile
  • Renal Profile
  • Bone & Joint Profile
  • Liver Profile
  • Iron Studies
  • Vitamin Levels
  • Urine Analysis