Understanding the Renewed National Cervical Screening Program

What is the Renewed National Cervical Screening Program? The Renewed National Cervical Screening Program has replaced the two-yearly Pap test with a five-yearly human papillomavirus (HPV) test for individuals aged 25 to 74. The changes aim to improve accuracy and efficacy in detecting cervical abnormalities.

What is the Cervical Screening Test? The Cervical Screening Test detects HPV, a common virus linked to cervical cell abnormalities and cervical cancer. It’s a simple procedure similar to the Pap test, assessing the health of the cervix.

How is the New Screening Test More Accurate? The Cervical Screening Test is more accurate than the Pap test in detecting changes in the cervix by identifying HPV infections. Regular screening every five years is recommended for those with normal results and no HPV infection.

Why has the Cervical Screening Test Changed from 18 to 25 Years? Cervical cancer in individuals under 25 is rare, and commencing screening at age 25 reduces unnecessary investigations and treatments for common cervical abnormalities. Persistent HPV infections usually take 10 to 15 years to develop into cancer.

Do I Still Need a Cervical Screening Test if I’m Not Sexually Active? Yes, regular Cervical Screening Tests are essential even if you’re not sexually active. Screening every five years is recommended from ages 25 to 74.

When Should I Have My Next Cervical Screening Test if I Recently Had a Pap Smear? If you had a Pap smear within the last twelve months, you should have your first Cervical Screening Test two years after the Pap test. Subsequent tests are required every five years if results are normal.

What Does the Cervical Screening Test Look For? The Cervical Screening Test primarily looks for HPV infections. If HPV is detected, further tests are conducted to assess cell changes in the cervix. It does not screen for other conditions like sexually transmitted infections or ovarian cancer.

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