Shared Private Obstetrician Care

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Shared Private Obstetrician Care

Are you scheduled to deliver at the local public hospital? Have you ever felt rushed during your visits or disappointed by the lack of attentive care? Do you wonder when you’ll have the opportunity to see an obstetrician in person rather than through telehealth visits?


Dr. Wong offers shared private obstetrician care to support you throughout your antenatal and postnatal journey, providing reassurance and addressing all your concerns to alleviate anxiety.


Shared maternity care involves seeing both Dr. Wong and your own GP and/or midwife during your pregnancy. This approach offers numerous benefits:


  • Continuity of care throughout your antenatal and postnatal journey
  • Dedicated focus on addressing your antenatal and postnatal needs
  • Ample time for addressing your questions and concerns
  • Discussions on breastfeeding, newborn care, and postpartum care
  • Bedside fetal ultrasound at every visit
  • Optimization of antenatal care
  • Understanding and familiarity with local hospital practices and systems

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