Emergency Consultations & Telehealth

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Emergency Consultations & Telehealth

In times of urgent medical need, Dr. Audris Wong offers prompt and convenient specialist consultations via telehealth or in-person appointments.

Telehealth Convenience:

Telehealth allows you to schedule consultations from the comfort of your home, regardless of your location. Whether you’re nearby or miles away, Dr. Wong ensures seamless communication with your GP specializing in Women’s health to devise a comprehensive management plan.

Second Opinions:

If you require a second opinion, Dr. Wong’s 18 years of experience can provide invaluable insights. With recent successes in diagnosing genital tract cancer remotely, she demonstrates the effectiveness of telehealth in delivering critical care.

How to Schedule:

To arrange a consultation, please email Dr. Wong at obsgyn77@gmail.com. Kindly include a GP referral letter as an attachment, and Dr. Wong will promptly respond to your inquiry.

For Gold Coast Residents:

If you reside in the Gold Coast area,

[Please continue your inquiry or mention any additional information specific to Gold Coast residents.]

Don’t delay necessary medical care. Contact Dr. Wong today to ensure timely and expert attention to your health needs.

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