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Dr. Wong has acquired her MBBCh, including a Bachelor of Obstetrics (BAO), as part of her medical training, thereby demonstrating her comprehensive understanding of Obstetrics. This field encompasses the provision of antenatal, intrapartum, and postnatal care, where she excels.


While the majority of pregnancies progress smoothly, occasional complications may arise necessitating medical intervention. Dr. Wong is dedicated to offering invaluable guidance regarding the various models of care available in the Gold Coast. She will meticulously discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each model, aiding you in selecting the most suitable approach tailored to your pregnancy needs.


Antenatal visits play a crucial role in identifying and addressing any potential issues that may arise during pregnancy. Dr. Wong ensures that each antenatal visit is personalized according to individual needs and the progress of the pregnancy.

Preconceptual Counselling

For women with high-risk medical conditions, Dr. Wong provides comprehensive preconceptual counseling aimed at optimizing pregnancy outcomes. Leveraging her expertise, including her MRCPI qualification in general medicine, she collaborates closely with other medical specialists to address any existing medical concerns or pregnancy-related anxieties.

First Visit

The initial booking visit allows Dr. Wong to gather essential details to plan your care effectively. During this visit, your expected date of delivery (EDD) will be determined through various factors, including a dating ultrasound scan performed on the day. This crucial information not only monitors fetal growth but also aids in planning the timing of delivery.

Subsequent Visits

Subsequent visits involve routine checks of urine and blood pressure, along with a clinical examination and ultrasound scan to assess the well-being and growth of the baby. Dr. Wong also offers the option of 3D/4D scans, with the capability to transfer images to electronic platforms for further analysis.

Labour and Delivery

Regarding labor and delivery, while Dr. Wong does not provide private obstetric care during labor, she assures that the Gold Coast public hospital’s clinical team offers commendable expertise and 24/7 coverage. Options for induction of labor and pain relief methods are discussed thoroughly, ensuring informed decision-making and personalized care.

Postnatal Check

Postnatally, Dr. Wong conducts a thorough check-up around 4-6 weeks after delivery, focusing on maternal well-being and offering advice on pelvic floor physiotherapy. She also provides referrals for specialized assessments if necessary, ensuring comprehensive postnatal care and addressing any concerns or questions that may arise.


Dr. Wong’s extensive experience, including a rotation in neonatology, enables her to diagnose and provide guidance on neonatal conditions, ensuring holistic care throughout the pregnancy journey and beyond.