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Gynecology encompasses the medical care of women’s reproductive organs and overall well-being. Dr. Wong, an experienced clinician, specializes in a wide array of gynecological issues, including menstrual dysfunction, pelvic pain, fertility concerns, ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, prolapse, urinary incontinence, abnormal smears, and cancer risk-reducing surgery. In complex cases, she readily collaborates with a multidisciplinary team to ensure comprehensive care.


Many gynecological conditions can be managed conservatively or with medication, whether hormonal or non-hormonal. Surgical intervention is only considered when conservative or medical management proves unsuccessful. Dr. Wong is committed to discussing evidence-based practices thoroughly with her patients to ensure informed decision-making in all aspects of management planning.


Dr. Wong specializes in minimally invasive (keyhole) surgeries, offering benefits such as quicker recovery, reduced pain, improved healing, enhanced aesthetics, and shorter hospital stays. This approach prioritizes patient comfort and optimal outcomes.

Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit

With prior experience managing large early pregnancy units, Dr. Wong offers reassurance and expert diagnosis and management for individuals facing concerns following a positive pregnancy test. This includes conditions such as miscarriage, pregnancy of unknown location, or ectopic pregnancy. Dr. Wong conducts thorough assessments, including bedside ultrasounds, to aid in diagnosis and provide personalized care.


For individuals experiencing infertility concerns, Dr. Wong provides comprehensive assessments and investigations, including non-IVF fertility options. Her expertise ensures that patients receive tailored guidance and support throughout their fertility journey.te of delivery (EDD) will be determined through various factors, including a dating ultrasound scan performed on the day. This crucial information not only monitors fetal growth but also aids in planning the timing of delivery.

Comprehensive Gynaecological Care

Dr. Wong’s extensive experience encompasses all aspects of gynecological disorders, ranging from menstrual irregularities to complex conditions like endometriosis and gynecological cancers. Drawing from her training in various gynecology units, including oncology, fertility, and urogynecology, she offers personalized management plans based on accurate diagnoses.

Contraceptive Counseling

Dr. Wong offers thorough counseling on contraceptive options, including the insertion of intrauterine devices (such as Kayleena, Mirena, or Copper IUD) and Implanon. This ensures that patients can make informed decisions regarding their reproductive health.

Menopausal Care

Patients facing menopausal symptoms receive comprehensive counseling on treatment options, including non-hormonal measures and alternative therapies like acupuncture, aimed at alleviating symptoms and improving overall well-being. Dr. Wong’s holistic approach prioritizes patient comfort and quality of life during this transitional phase.

Gynaecology Consults

Dr. Wong offers consultations at her offices in Burleigh and Robina, providing convenient access to her specialized care. To schedule an appointment, a referral from a general practitioner (GP) is typically required. While it is common practice for the referring GP to fax the referral directly to Dr. Wong’s offices, this may not always occur.


To ensure that your appointment has been arranged, it is advisable to obtain a copy of the referral and contact Dr. Wong’s offices directly. This proactive approach helps to confirm your consultation and ensures a smooth scheduling process. It’s important to note that health insurance is not always necessary for consultations.


For information regarding fee structures, please contact Dr. Wong’s offices directly. She is committed to providing transparent pricing and is always willing to accommodate special circumstances. Bulk billing options may be available under specific circumstances, and patients are encouraged to inquire about this option when scheduling their appointments. Your comfort and accessibility to quality care are Dr. Wong’s priorities.